Bloominescence Inc.

                          Harnessing Invention.

The Team

Mark Shanks

Founder and Principal Applications Investigator

Mark is a 2001 engineering graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Following a two year stint fulfilling his service commitment to the academy working as a field marine engineer, he moved to Washington D.C. to pursue a career in Marine Systems Engineering Design. He accepted a position as an engineering contractor performing technical analysis and design for the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command and (NAVSEA) and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), quickly rising to the status of Sr. Engineer and project manager in three years time. His work spanned all aspects of future naval vessel designs with a focus on aviation systems integration.

In 2003 he founded Bloominescence, which at the time concentrated efforts on the development of a piezoelectric ceramic solid state optical filtration system. Upon completion of the PLZT studies Mark’s research migrated to the field of organic electroluminescent devices and their application. This is a field that he and fellow collaborators believe will usher in a new era of electronic/personal interface.